ethics and philosophy

When deciding to start my own paper goods business, ethics and environmental impact was top of my list; if I was going to go into this creative industry, it needed to have a positive, life-giving influence rather than taking up more of our precious resources.

We design, make and sell eco-friendly paper goods, hand-crafted journals, illustrated greetings cards, stationery and art prints, all inspired by nature, florals, pattern & line, through using mediums such as watercolours and fine-liner ink. 

All of my
journals and paper goods are designed, printed, hand-stitched, bound and packaged by hand in my home studio, using biodegradable plant-based packaging and recycled envelopes. My ethos behind the business is to create and provide beautiful, high quality hand-crafted products that are positive, conscious and heart-warming in their message while being ethical and conscious throughout every stage of production. This is everything from sourcing my raw materials as locally as possible and always within the UK, recycling paper waste from my own and other local businesses to make fresh sheets of handmade paper using traditional methods, which I then re-use again for some of my sketchbooks, as well as sourcing second-hand leather off-cuts & scraps and natural linen thread to hand-bind my journals with, while using 100% recycled stock and biodegradable packaging for my greetings cards and prints. We use solar panels to help provide more sustainable energy, and make great efforts to limit our water usage in the paper making process. My aim is to be able to give my customers an environmentally friendly, waste free, gift-giving alternative, and each item is individually handcrafted and lovingly made to express this. 


We use local UK-based suppliers and sustainable eco-conscious stockists such as Eco-Craft and The English Stamp Company, and source other raw materials from independent makers, Etsy, thrift stores and small local companies. 

Our vibe is rustic and vintage, with touches of light colours, patterns and floral elements, using hessian material, coffee sacks, vintage suitcases, old wine crates, blackboard signs and fresh flowers as props for our traders stall, with all of our bags and packaging for the stall are made from 100% Kraft brown recycled paper.

It is hugely important to me as an individual and as a business to live as lightly on this Earth as possible,

and I wanted my handmade products to reflect this. We are always on the look out to improve our

methods and find more ways to lighten our impact, so please feel free to get in touch and say hi!

Go gently,

Mell x

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