hand-stitched leather journals

Our leather journals are hand-stitched using a technique called Long Stitch Binding, which is strong and leaves the beautiful patterns created by the stitching exposed along the spine, creating a wonderfully rustic feel. The soft leather is tactile and durable, with the patina of the leather becoming more unique and special the more it is worn and used, as it simply adds to the charm. 

We add in an extra internal leather spine which helps to strengthen the binding and maintain the shape of the spine, while using strong natural linen, hemp and nettle twine to stitch with. These make for a strong, durable, high quality and long lasting product which will see you proud on your adventures and travels!

As with all of our products, we use 100% recycled paper, and for these little adventure journals we use high quality 120gsm sketchbook paper, which is ever so slightly textured and allows a perfect canvas for capturing your creative thoughts and magic while you're out and about.

They are small and lightweight, which means they're brilliant for carrying around & keeping handy in your bag, ready for that stroke of genius that will pop into your brain when you least expect it. 

In attempt to provide as ethical and sustainable products as we can, we source our leather from second-hand off cuts that will simply be thrown away if not used, therefore giving them a new life and not adding any pressure to the supply & demand chain of any new materials having to be made.

Please check out our shop for our current array of handmade items, and remember that because we use off cuts and each journal is completely made by hand, no two are the same, which we think makes them even more beautiful and unique in their own charm!

We are happy to create a custom order for you if are looking for something specific, just send us a message and we will be happy to accommodate any enquiries. 

The Sunshine Bindery x

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