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New Studio, New Mindset

July 29, 2019

Hey there folks, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


It's been super hot here in the UK lately, as the lovely British summertime launches into full swing! As the activity bustles around us, I have recently been thinking a lot about this dear little business of mine, where I am heading, where it's going to take me. 


I have recently been blessed with a beautiful new studio space, after years of working out of my attic bedroom from a small table in the corner, last Christmas felt way too busy and overwhelming to be able to sustain my practise from that space anymore. After months of searching for a new space to work from, outside of the house, to get back out into the world a bit more and connect deeper with my creative workload away from home life to try and get a little more structure and routine into my work day (which I must admit, I hugely struggle with!), I was finding it difficult to find somewhere that fit what I was looking for and within my limited budget.


Talking it over with my partner, we decided that it made more sense to move into one of the spare rooms, a gorgeous space with lots of natural light flooding in and would give me more of an office / studio work room to call my own. Finally! And so it was born! My beautiful little sacred space, my piece of creative energy to let my artistic juices flow in and allow my work to finally grow and flourish as it has been craving to do so for some time. 


I chose a wonderfully warm orange/peach colour for one of the walls, and filled it to the brim with colourful cards, images and positive, life affirming quotes to keep me motivated throughout the day. I walk into this space every day now ready to get to work and it finally feels as though I am actually ready to step this business up and fully bring it to life! 


Having this space has made me realise how vital it is to separate work from home life, and how physically moving yourself into a different room can hugely impact your sense of self when working, and kick start that motivation and business mindset. It's super exciting watching this shift in perspective and mindset towards my business, and how it feels bigger and with more potential than ever before, simply from changing the space and creating a bigger home for it to grow into. 


We have since converted one of our second smaller rooms into my dedicated wholesale space, with a whole wall of shelving for my ever growing collection of greeting card designs as well as cubby holes for the numerous journals, books and gift products that I seem to keep adding to the range! It's super exciting and I am so looking forward to watching what the rest of this year will bring. 


Onwards and upwards!












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