My story

Hello! My name is Mell and
I am the quirky little dreamer behind
The Sunshine Bindery!  

I am the fun, colourful face behind the brand, specialising in spreading as much sunshine as humanly possible through delightfully joyful illustrated paper goods, hand crafted journals and eco friendly stationery, originally inspired by nourishing support through self care, the joy of finding peace, space and calm in the wilds of nature, and encouraging others to step up, embrace their inner sense of play + imagination, and own their authentic heart truth to find their joy in the world.

I am a big believer in self care and using art and writing to calm the mind and reconnect with ourselves, and journals have always had a huge place in my heart for being that safe space to create in, as though they are tiny little worlds within themselves where you can completely yourself. I have a huge notebook collection myself so I very much understand the stationery addiction! My story is one of hope, healing and creativity, restoring and nourishing my soul after years engulfed by physical and mental illness, to now, embracing the every day, gently walking towards living a life full to the brim of authentic joy, daily calm and finding space for peace in the tiny moments through creative practice, self discovery, curiosity, self love and a deep sense of acceptance of the beautiful truth of who we are as humans, and how we are already enough.

I create art and write poetry that speaks to the heart of who we are, exploring how we can connect more deeply to ourselves, truly belonging, and encouraging others to feel the authentic joy that comes from this journey. You can find this message throughout all of my work, products + offerings, and I hope that this can help bring you some encouragement along your own journey, wherever you may find yourself right now :)

I would love to connect with you and get to know how I can help you find your joy and embrace your inner truth.

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Go gently,