Our Story

Hello! My name is Mell and I am the quirky little dreamer behind
The Sunshine Bindery.


I run small independent creative business specialising in spreading as much sunshine as humanly possible through delightfully joyful illustrated paper goods, hand crafted journals and eco friendly stationery, originally inspired by nourishing support through self care, spreading happiness to others and the incredible zero waste movement. I am a big believer in self care and using art and writing to calm the mind and reconnect with ourselves, and journals have always had a huge place in my heart for being that safe space to create in, as though they are tiny little worlds within themselves where you can completely yourself. I have a huge notebook collection myself so I very much understand the stationery addiction!


With all of my products, I design, source and make as much as I can by hand, celebrating locally, ethically and sustainably sourced materials and eco friendly businesses as much as possible, and it is my intention to keep exploring ways to lessen our impact as I go along. Any products that have been outsourced have been supporting local & UK based companies with an ethical ethos. I whole-heartedly believe in trying to limit our use of our beautiful Earth's resources, and giving back as much as we can, so this is my way of trying to contribute to changing our attitudes towards the environment in a positive and gentle way, by providing beautifully hand crafted products with a low impact gift giving alternative. This is why I intentionally choose to champion recycled materials for our greetings cards and prints from UK suppliers, biodegradable corn starch bags to package our products in (no plastic, yay!), and use plastic free, 100% recycled cardboard mailers and recycled acid-free tissue paper to wrap your orders in.
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Go gently,
Mell & the Sunshine Bindery x
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