When it comes to shipping out your orders, packaging is so important for them to arrive in your hands safe and sound! That's why, here at The Sunshine Bindery, we strive to only use high quality shipping materials to ensure your gifts reach you safe and protected for you to enjoy!


All of the packaging that comes with each product, whether it be a paper belly band around a notebook or journal, the backing card of one of our sweet enamel pins or the biodegradable, corn starch, plastic-free sleeve that protects our cards and art prints (that can be put right in your compost bin!), you can rest assured that it is made with 100% recycled paper, sustainably sourced and biodegradable materials.   


I really care about each and every single order that we receive, and am so grateful for your support, so I make sure that each of our orders are beautifully and lovingly packaged in biodegradable, recycled and acid-free tissue paper, finished with stickers and decorative paper tape, before being securely packaged in a sturdy, stiff cardboard mailer that has been sustainably sourced, recycled, 100% plastic-free, printed with eco friendly plant based inks and is fully recyclable and compostable. So you don't need to worry about being stuck with loads of excess plastic packaging that will only get sent to landfill!


We do our absolute best to support local and UK based business, and we can proudly say that all of our paper based materials and packaging are sourced directly from British brands. Even our beautifully hand-crafted rubber stamp that we use for our paper carriers bags for our markets & events was custom made for us down in Dorset!


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