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Since the beginning of this exciting creative journey, the small business and independent designer-maker community has been a huge part of my support network, an incredible resource for learning and has been a real joy connecting to a wonderful wider circle of like minded individuals along the way. So many friends have been made and collaborations have been dreamed up!


It is no secret that there is something incredible about supporting small and local businesses, whether it be your baker just across the street, choosing your town's florist for your event's flower arrangement, or buying a latte from that quirky independent coffee shop on the corner that you walk past every day to get to work. There is just so much magic in supporting your community! The small creative business network is no different - there is an absolute abundance of incredibly talented folk out there living their dream and finding creative ways to pay their bills each month. And when you are buying from a small business, every single purchase goes such a long way to truly supporting our dream life. Thank you so much for being part of that journey!


One thing I have learned over the years of exhibiting at markets and events, selling online on Etsy, through private commissions or displaying my wares in local shops and independent gift stores, is that connection and community is absolutely KEY! We were made to connect with each other! There is such value in supporting other makers, buying local and choosing to shop small, and this is one of the most brilliant things about being in the maker community - we all buy from and support each other, it's the most incredible feeling! There is something SO special about being able to buy handmade, one of a kind, completely unique and creative wares from the person who actually used their hands to make it for you. Speaking to them about WHY they do what they do, what inspires them, where they come from, their journey, it's just pure magic.

By choosing to shop small and handmade, you are choosing to support this huge network of incredible people stepping up and out of their comfort zone, with their heart on their sleeve and putting their creativity at the heart of what they do.

Thank you so much!

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